And when I die: smear me on a record and PARTY DOWN!

Have you ever wondered how your friends and family will handle your death? Not the fact of your death but the details in the immediate days following, e.g., the funeral?

There was a time, several years ago, when I decided I’d plan my own funeral and give “instructions” to my family so they wouldn’t have to worry about where to have the service, what music to play, etc., etc. After much thought I realized how selfish that was and I changed my mind and erased everything I had planned. Funerals and wakes are not for the one who has died, they’re for that person’s loved ones and their grief should not be dictated. 


This morning I discovered the coolest idea, (well, I think it’s cool, some people may find it morbid), to ensure we are remembered for some time to come after we’re gone. What is it? 

Having your ashes pressed into a vinyl record album.

Yes, you heard that right – you can smear. yourself. on. a. record. Can you believe it? This company will actually take your ashes and press them into a record so that all your friends and family need do at your going away party is put the needle to the vinyl* and, well, there you are, right in the midst of your loved ones saying goodbye to you! How crazy is that?! The only thing stopping me from doing this is the cost….well, and the fact that you have to be cremated. I will not be cremated, but for something as awesome as this I may give up my pinky toe or something.

How about you? Would you want to have a record with your dead friend actually in it? Would you do it yourself? 


*If you’re under the age of 25 you might need to read this.

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10 thoughts on “And when I die: smear me on a record and PARTY DOWN!”

  1. I believe you can have your ashes made into all sorts of things including diamonds or sorts! They could wear you around their neck in a pendant 😉 Creepy I think ^_^

    1. Oh my, that is creepy! I can feel your story mind working already Helen. 🙂
      Thanks for the retweet!

  2. Haha Deanna, Your wee toe? That wouldn’t be much of a record now would it? 🙂

    No, no, no, I wouldn’t be having none of that there ashes pressing. In fact just the other day I was saying to hubby that I might leave my wonderful body to science. But then I thought maybe not. I don’t want buried. I don’t want cremated, and I don’t want passed around a lab. Oh, what to do? Still, you did say it’s not for us but for our loved ones to sort it out. So maybe I shouldn’t give it any thought at all. And then again, I am very partial to diamonds. 🙂

  3. Weird! How do the records actually sound??? I don’t think I could go through with something like that (or pre-plan on going through something like that upon death. Interesting to know it exists, though, so thanks, Deanna!

  4. Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice John? I have all sorts of ideas for being “remixed”. 🙂
    Good question Richard. Maybe like those Halloween sounds albums – ooooOOOooo *screams in background*

  5. My dad used to be a motor racing marshal so he decided he wanted his ashes mixed in with the cement dust they sprinkle on oil spills. Of course, my dad being my dad, he reckons it’s so he “can continue to get up everyone’s noses”!!

    1. Oh, that’s great Icy! At least I hope it’s great….it sounds like your dad’s is a fun character. Mine is too so I can appreciate the humor.

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