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I have been working on a group of short stories about the adventures – and epiphanies – I’ve experienced in the middle of the night [throughout my life]. When this particular memory came to me last week I felt it would be more fun to write it as a flash piece rather than the creative nonfiction the other stories have been.

I hope you enjoy this Middle of the Night Excursion: The Protector, rated PG, according to my standards.


The Protector, a Middle of the Night Excursion by Deanna Schrayer

My two younger sisters and I shared a bedroom and though each of us had our own bed – a bunk bed and a single – I preferred sleeping against the cool glass of the bay window, sprawled across the sill with only a sheet wrapped around my skinny legs. I needed to feel the dark of night, to watch the moon as it made its way from one side of the charcoal sky to the other, (though I was usually asleep before the corner of the moon was chopped off by Iron Mountain). But there were also the times I’d awaken to find the moon was not there at all.

Instead, heavy threatening clouds hung from the sky, wrinkles of gray fog slithering through the pines on the mountaintop like startled snakes. These were the nights I slid from the windowsill and crept outside, quiet as a midnight cat. I tiptoed out of our room, cracked the front screen door just enough to squeeze through, and inched my way around the trailer to stand beneath our bedroom window, somehow feeling that I was protecting my sisters from the coming storm.

There was a hitch on this end of the trailer, (our home was stationary but designed for mobility, in case we ever felt the need, I guessed, to latch onto a passing truck and take off). I climbed up onto the hitch and stood with my feet perched firmly on either side of the rails that formed a triangle pointing south.

I heard the wind rustling through the full summer oaks before it lifted my stringy hair and tickled it across my sun-burned cheeks. Then the wind stood still, calm, before nearly jostling me off the triangle with its heady rush.

Just as I spread my arms to brace myself, to steel my body for the sting of the slashing rain, I heard it. And the power behind it was stronger than any storm I’d ever faced.

“Savannah Leighann! Get your hind-end in this house right now!”

I hesitated only long enough to glance up and telepathically tell the vast sky goodnight before jumping from my pedestal and dragging myself inside to face the wrath of my momma.

The Protector-innocent

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7 thoughts on “The Protector: A Middle of the Night Excursion #fridayflash #amwriting #fiction”

  1. Felt almost magical, like the narrator couldn’t quite wake up and shake grogginess, and lived in that emotional fog of causality. I like that head space, Deanna, especially in fiction. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I’ve been so out of the loop that I didn’t even know that you’d moved over here. The place looks great, by the way!

    Lovely to read your writing again, Deanna. I’ve missed you. I’m glad you’re still going strong.


  3. Oh my gosh! I just realized I haven’t responded to anyone, I am so sorry.
    Thank you all so much for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed this Middle of the Night Excursion, it was quite furn to write.
    Jai, so great to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well.

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