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Ah, the memories….. #fridayflash #Christmas #holiday

Image by Deanna Schrayer
Image by Deanna Schrayer

I love to flip through memories as a way to relax during this hectic time of year. As I reflect in my essay, There are Stories to be Told, if we don’t capture the myriad memories of our lives by writing them down, they could too easily fade into the distant past and be forever lost. Had I not jotted down the conversation [below] with my youngest son, Noah, eleven-years-old at the time, I may have forgotten it. I stumbled upon this from a past blog and just had to share, again. I hope you get as much of a kick out of it as I have.

Conversation between mother and son, Christmas time

Noah: I want a power scooter for Christmas, and that’s all.

Noah: I want a skateboard for Christmas, and that’s all.

Noah: And I want swords like Tyler and Skyler, and that’s all.

Noah: I want a flashlight and batteries to make it work, and that’s all. That’s all I want for Christmas.

Me: Do you know what I want for Christmas?

Noah: What?

Me: I want all my family to be happy.

Noah: *rolls eyes*

Me: And I want tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, and tickets to see Keith Urban, and tickets to see the Tennessee Vols play football, and a new car, and someone to remodel my house, and a new wardrobe and a make-up artist, and a hair dresser, and a new bathroom, and a mud pit, and…

Noah: I’m sorry, I don’t want to listen anymore.

Me: But I didn’t say that to you.

Noah: That’s because I was done!


During that same time, in 2010, I wrote a Friday Flash inspired by something my oldest son had said when he was four-years-old. I hope you get a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the story Christmas is Over!, on my former fiction site The Other Side of Deanna, here.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and fantastic New Year!

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A brand new year = a brand new….everything!

Hey y’all, I’m back! I greatly appreciate your patience with my MIA status and I’m even more thankful for the true friendship you’ve shown with the emails, phone calls and prayer you’ve sent my way these last several months. I have missed writing, a lot, but I’ve missed the camaraderie of the wonderful Friday Flash group and all my other internet friends even more and I look forward to posting and interacting with you all again. Now, and with a brand new site, it is time to get back into the swing of doing what I enjoy so much: writing and reading.

The good news is that the inspiration is overflowing; the no-way-am-I-going-to-call-it-bad-news is that said inspiration is a bit scattered about for the moment. While forcing waiting for those ideas to settle down and get organized I’m creating this new place: This Side…..Over Yonder. Most of you know I’ve had two blog sites for – wow, a few years now, The Life of a Working Writer Mommy for my nonfiction articles and The Other Side of Deanna for my fiction. What better time than the new year to combine those sites? At This Side….Over Yonder you’ll find my short fiction, including the ever-popular Friday Flash, as well as my essays, articles and general ramblings about life. And you should have no trouble at all distinguishing them, (though there was that one time Jim Bronyaur read my story about my thieving dog on The Life of a Working Writer Mommy, and swore up one side and down the other it was a #fridayflash). But that’s one of the main reasons I’m merging my work into one place – so you can simply look at the category (fiction or nonfiction) and know what you’re getting into, er, uh….I mean, know what you’re about to read.

Since this is a new place and we all know how chaotic fun it can be to start all over, I appreciate your feedback very much. Is the background too bright? Let me know. (That’s a real question by the way). Do you want to see more fiction than nonfiction? Let me know that too. Did you think that #fridayflash was a true story…..really? Go sit by Jim and scratch your head. Seriously, I’d love to hear what you think, so please do leave comments, as many as you like.

I hope you all enjoy This Side….Over Yonder and I look forward to this new venture and all it has to offer. Happy New Year everyone!

(P.S. I just penned the first [fiction] story I’ve written in over five months; we’ll let it set and determine soon if it’s ready to post for #fridayflash this week.)

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