Short Fiction Ratings

All fiction posted on This Side Over Yonder will have one of the following ratings listed. Although these ratings are loosely based on movie ratings, they are all my own definitions.

  • Rated G: Great for all ages
  • Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Suitable for children to read only after you’ve read yourself and decided if it’s suitable for your children to read. Possibly good morals to be learned.
  • Rated PG13: Parental guidance strongly suggested due to strong language and/or events I would be uncomfortable explaining to children myself.
  • Rated R: Definitely wouldn’t let my own children read, and hope you wouldn’t either. Possibilities include violence, strong language, sexual content, and concepts too intense for most children to understand.
  • Rated R+: You will most likely never encounter such a rating on my site. However, you never know what these people in my head are going to do, (most of the time I don’t know myself). I would never let my own children read these stories.

I hope this ratings system is helpful for you. Click here to return to the home page.

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