Change: small word, BIG meaning

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Change – Such a small word for such a big meaning. We all experience change every day, mostly in small ways that we barely, if ever, even notice. For instance, I use a stapler for work so rarely, (everyone on my team knows it’s a Big Sin to use staples instead of paper clips), that the first time I ran out, a full three years after I started working at the company, it surprised me. The other day, as I was washing dishes, I noticed my hands were much more wrinkled than I’d have sworn they were the day before, yet of course they’d been gradually aging with the rest of my body.

Then there are the sudden Major Life Changes that seem to happen in a split second: after twenty years of loyal service we learn we’re among a hoard of others laid off from work, suddenly finding ourselves without a job; we learn of a close family members’ death; the bank tells us our grace period for our mortgage is up and we’re suddenly homeless…..though there are but a handful of Major Life Changes, there’s a reason they’re called “Major”.

I have always believed things happen for a reason, even though it could be years before we know what that reason is (sometimes we never know). But now I’m a little closer to understanding, or maybe I should say believing, that these changes – both small and large – are not coincidental, that instead they’re ingrained into our “Life Plan” before we ever take our first breath.

Sure, we all see those wrinkles now and then and are mostly unconcerned because we know that aging is inevitable. But how often must we face a Major Life Change? I Googled that, certain there would be an average number per lifespan, but the only results were mainly lists of how often we change careers in our lives, (approximately seven). Apparently Major Life Changes vary from person to person so much there simply isn’t an average number. However, I did find an interesting site on the subject – Manifest Your Potential, which includes articles such as finding your bliss, how to discover yourself, making sense of wisdom, etc. I perused a few of the articles and look forward to learning more.

This is where I am right now: at 43-years-old I’m essentially starting my life all over again and attempting to learn not only what I enjoy about life, (aside from spending time with my sons and writing), but also who I truly am. Although the idea of starting over in general is a bit overwhelming, (to say the least), I am doing my best to view this Major Life Change as an opportunity to “grow into myself”, and I pray I teach my children, through example, that exploring what we enjoy doing, discovering who we really are, can be as exciting as it is frightening, hopefully more so.

If you’re comfortable with sharing, I’d love to know what you feel has been the greatest Major Life Change for you thus far. Whether or not you share specifically what that change was, did it feel like the end of the world only to end up being a blessing in disguise? How do you feel you handled the change: with negativity or as an opportunity to improve your life? Your words of wisdom are encouraged – they may very well help someone who happens to stumble upon this post.


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5 thoughts on “Change: small word, BIG meaning”

  1. Congrats on the new site. 🙂

    Great post Deanna. Very uplifting and encouraging.

    I’ve gone through some major bumps on this road of life and I’m sad to say that unlike you I’m one who falls into the pits of despair and loses her way. My major crisis’s haven’t made me a better person or helped me to grow. I’ve dwelt so long in the pits that I’ve changed for the worse. Then again, maybe I wasn’t as nice a person as I believed I was to begin with??? Change is extremely difficult for me. I don’t know why. I think maybe I’m just wired that way? But it always takes me years to move on. I’m so happy that you are a forward thinking and optimistic soul who faces challenge with strength, determination, and wisdom.

    1. Elizabeth, I believe the changes in your life have made a positive impact. You should give yourself more credit – couldn’t it be that the health scare(s) you experienced is why you’re on such a successful mission to becoming healthier and stronger now?

      And I can say with absolute certainty that, because you’ve lived through major changes and cared enough to share some experiences, this change in mine has been a bit easier; if not for your encouragement, and prayer, I highly doubt I’d be as far as I’ve gotten these past few months. That’s not to say I’ve already accepted it and am moving on easily – I’m still struggling but it does help to believe there’s a reason and that the reason will eventually be revealed.

      Thank you so very much for stopping in and chatting. I’m glad you’re home!

  2. I’ve been through major life changes a few times, and I’m going through one right now. But I would say the biggest life change I made as an adult was getting divorced. And it’s the best major change that has ever happened to me–impacting multiple things in my life for good. Hope you are well, Deanna! Good luck with your major change! Nice start with a new blog!

    1. Hi Melissa, it is so great to be back in touch with you! Thank you for sharing not only such a personal fact of your life but also, (especially), what a positive outcome that change brought you.
      Although I’m still in the beginning stages of this change, I do believe that, as long as I make the effort to look forward instead of dwelling on the past, I will eventually understand this was meant to be in order to bring me to wherever I am at that time. (I hope that makes sense).
      I hope the major life change in your life right now feels like, and continues to be, a positive one. Thanks again for sharing!

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